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2005 Testimonies

October, 2005
Hi Kathy:
Snoopy is doing great. He is so cute. Everybody loves him. He has been to the doctor a couple of times for shots. He did have a bit of a sneeze when he first got here. But he is much better now. We put him on antibiotics for a little while. We think he might hae picked it up on the plane. The doctor thinks he is a little thin, so we have upped his food a little bit. Though I was thinking his stomach was already too big! He is basically a ball with all the other stuff appended on. I am really pleased with him. If you ever need a referral I would love to recommend you.
Thanks so much,

August, 2005
Hi Kathy,
Here are some baby pictures. As you can see he's made himself right at home. When he's by Laura he's always on her shoulders, we're not sure what that is all about!. Leah holds him like a baby and he loves it. Today Leah bought a cat fishing rod with a catnip mouse attached to it. She throws the line out and reels it in he's going nuts over it.  We don't have any pictures of Toby with Buddy because Toby does not like the dog yet. He's is getting better around him so we are just taking it slow.
Take Care, Jane


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May, 2005
Here are some pictures of Zeke…he’s a great cat, and we love him dearly. He went to work with me on Bring your Kid To Work Day, and everybody thought he was the best.


May, 2005
Hi Kathy,
I wanted to send an Olivia) update -  She has been doing wonderfully. She is such a cutie! She slept on my lap the entire way home....and pretty much stayed there the entire first day. She only got off the couch to eat drink and poop, LOL! She got more active the second day and has been running around and investigating her new surroundings.

We are slowly integrating her with the other kitty. Initially, it was so funny because Kyrie (the Russian Blue) came up to her while she was eating, and Mook tried to hiss at her with food in her mouth, so it was a very comical hiss! Although Mook is only half the size of Kyrie, she has no qualms about facing her down. Half the time they just smell each other and look at each other, and the rest of the time they hiss and chase each other. It is very cute and very funny. She sleeps with us every night, and is a regular snuggle bunny. So far, we keep Kyrie in the bathroom - as she is Mook's polar opposite, she runs everywhere and gets in to everything and loves to hear herself meow (which does not make for a good night's sleep!). She is also adorable, and they will make a great pair when they get used to each other.

Thanks again for the help and the wonderful kitty!

Tina P.

May, 2005
Prince Charming has an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning. He probably won't like it because it is yearly booster time. We put that off to allow him a bit more age and to fix it where I would only be making 3 trips a year for this, 2 cats at a time.
He seems to be adjusting well. When I let him, he gets along well with the other guys and holds his own quite well. With us, he is still quite loving and relaxed. He even will lay on his back sometimes to sleep and will stay like that in our laps and let us stroke his little tummy. You are so right about liking his ears rubbed. I wonder if that is because of the fleshiness of his ears. He really prefers that over any tickling under his neck -- different from all my other cats. Everyone catches their breath when they see him for the first time for he is so beautiful. Better yet, he seems so happy.
One day he wasn't feeling too good. I don't know if he got a taste of something he shouldn't have, but he worried me a bit. I began spoiling him with a bit of unseasoned rice and yogurt along with his Iams nightly meal. He seems to enjoy that thoroughly. Sometimes he "talks" in his sleep! lol
Take care!
Theresa Rohloff

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