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2006 Testimonies

September, 2006
Hello! I hope all is well. Gabriel has fit in beautifully. He chases Dottie around the house. His favorite game is jump on Dottie while she is sleeping. Gabriel is so taken with Dottie that he ignores his toys most of the time chosing to play with Dottie instead. Attached you will find two brand new pics of Gabriel.
Thank you so much for this darling little boy,
Susan and Dottie

August, 2006
HELLO! I hope the show went good. We apologize again for our phone mishap. It does that due to the Internet connection being run through the phone and it can be very frustrating. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and knew something was wrong when we didn't hear the phone ring.
Brownie is very cute. Attached are some pictures of her with our oldest daughter - Amber! Cheesecake is adjusting. She smells her alot and sometimes hisses and swats at Brownie. We keep Brownie in our Master Bathroom when we are not home.
Thanks again -- Angie

August, 2006
He just made it. The flight was delayed for 2 hours but he finally made it home. Thank you so much for driving a very long distance.
We have attached our first picture. We decided on YoYo for a name. We'll keep you posted. All 3 of us need some sleep first
Thanks again
Lydia and Fadi

August, 2006

Here's the pair.
Both are doing great!

August, 2006
Hi Kathy
Little Cooper is doing great. Here are our first pictures of him out and about today. We introduced him today to the other cats. The only one who showed an interest in him was our Tabby male Simba. Scottie, our other fold, hissed at him. So it looks like that will take a little time for those two to get acquainted.
Just wanted to send you the first shots of him. We'll keep you updated on his progress. Thanks again, and sorry our visit had to be so quick.
Walt and Jill Moddle


August, 2006
Hi Kathy,
Just touching base to let you know Bear is doing well. Classic to his heritage, he seems happiest when he is near but not "on" me and he seems to have very keen hunting instincts (he loves to play "attack" me but will back down if you say "OWW" .. :-).
In case you're wondering, he was neutered last April in Cordova, TN. I didn't have the heart to remove his claws and so far, the combination of clipping them every 2-3 weeks, neutering and some training w/ the proverbial squirt bottle have done the trick. I also built him a "cathouse"...
Hope you enjoy the pics. I made the tower a couple weeks ago as the little platform had been outgrown. The new air stapler was a godsend and much more powerful than the electric stapler I'd used for the base. It took awhile, but after decimating only (1) outside corner of old hall grasscloth, he seems happy with the sissal rope.
Hope all is well with you, your family and your kitties!

August, 2006
Hi! I took Gabriel to the vets today. The vet told me that Gabe is a very good kitten. He asked if Gabe had been tested for F-Leuk and FIV. I have forgotten if you told me he had been tested for these two or not.
Gabe and Dottie are getting along very well. Every once in awhile Gabe disappears for a break. I am very pleased with how quickly they are getting along. He is a very sweet kitty. Thank you for suggesting him I believe he is going to be a wonderful addition to the family.

July, 2006
Hello! Just thought we'd drop you a line and let you know that the kitten is doing good. She was a little skittish the first night but by the next morning was the sweetest kitten we'd ever been around. She is not very fond of our chihuahuas yet but then again they are not used to her yet either.  We are just letting them be around each other one at a time every once in a while right now so they can hopefully ease into a friendship. She hasn't had much time to see the parrot because he is terrified of her and tends to fly away anytime she is in the room. We will try to get them together after she and the pups make friends. She loves all of her new toys. She especially loves one we got her at Wal Mart that is a scratching post made out of sisal rope and has a swinging mouse attached to the top. She plays with that for hours. She has a choice of two different beds in her room but has a certain preference of one of our laps over those. We have finally decided to name her Abby after trying a series of names that didn't quite fit her. We also wanted to ask about those registration papers for her.  When do you expect to have them? We were just so taken with the kitten I don't guess we paid enough attention. Well, that's all for now, we'll drop you a line here and there and tell you of her progress here and as soon as we can we'll send a picture. Any family that has seen her thinks she is an absolute doll! Thanks so much for such a sweet baby! >
Dana and David Mash

July, 2006
Dear Kathy,
The calico bebe is very sweet.  It's all fine. I love her so much. Her name is Amie.  It means "beloved" in France.  Here are some pictures of Amie.  I have her in my master bedroom.  She don't like her new kitty bed.  She like my bed.  We are sleeping together in the night.  Very cute bebe!! Your another calico female are very sweet too,  but I am busy latter half year.  I will go to Beijing & Shanghai to attend each cat show.  I will plan to buy your cat the next year. 

China CFA Show Schedule

  • Four Ring 16-17.9.2006 Beijing China
  • Three Ring 14-15.10.2006 Shanghai China
  • Four Ring 28-29.10.2006 Beijing China
  • Four Ring 1.2007 Beijing China
  • Three Ring 3.2007 Shanghai China

Thank you so much.
Fu Lin Lin

July, 2006
Just wanted to let you know that we made it home fine. It took 15 hours so we didn't get in until 1:00 am. Ellie was wonderful in the car. Hank and I took turns in the backseat with Ellie. We made the backseat area safe and had her litter box, food, water and bedding there. Ellie would explore for an hour and then sleep for an hour. She did just fine.
When we got home, we introduced Ellie to Maggie. Maggie is being very nervous right now. Ellie is just exploring everything. She purrs so nicely. Again, thank you for the wonderful kitten. I will send pictures to you in the near future.

July, 2006
Hi Kathy,
We received the kitten. She is safe and sound. She's very cute, pretty eyes.  Her name is Suki. It means "beloved" in Japanese. She's really tired and adjusting to her new home. We have her in our master bedroom and bathroom for the first couple of days until she feels comfortable. She has already come around a bit.
Mary Anne

July, 2006
Here are some pictures of Cheesecake - she is such a DOLL! She is super sweet and didn't cry when we put her to bed last night. Our last cat did when he was a kitten and kept us up most of the night. Cheesecake is very beautiful and we couldn't be happier!!!!
Thanks again -- Angela

June, 2006
Kathy, the boys are doing great. They are incredibly sweet and playful.  These kittens are just so lovable and personable. We don't recall our kittens 18 years ago being so darling as these two. They stick around us like glue. It's like they adopted us instead of us adopting them! It has to be the way you raise them..........whatever you do, don't ever change that.  We will try to reach you to go over just a few things. Thanks for everything, we're 200% satisfied with our purchase.
Garry & Mary Kay


February, 2006
How are you?   Today I send u some pics of wasabi. She is 1 year old and she is good kitty! she live in Paris with me and she love to play a lot,also sleep next to me every night!
Take Care!


February. 2006
I just got home from work & saw my baby. He is even more gorgeous in person. Thank you so much! - Lynne


February. 2006
Just wanted to let you know that we made it to Ft. Smith. She would meow if I talked to her. She did great. She actually enjoys playing with my 3 year old. She is snuggling and purring. She likes her new kitty bed. Will keep you posted as to her permanent home. I told my mother-in-law about your upcoming cat show and she said she would love to come and meet you all. Thanks again. She is doing great.

January. 2006
 Hi Kathy,
 Here are a few pics of Bear.  He's quite a little character when his energy tank is "full" and he really seems to have taken to Devon and vise versa. Other than working on  training him not to climb the grasscloth (he can make it to the ceiling), etc (water squirt bottle seems to work well and also clipped his nails  just a bit) he's settled in wonderfully. I even took him to school to get Devon today since he seemed to enjoy the ride back from Little Rock.  Hope you are doing well and thanks again for driving over to meet us on Christmas Eve!
 Happy New Year,
 Rob & Devon

January, 2006
Hi Kathy, Happy New Year to you and your family. Thought you might like to see some pictures of Toby now that he is a big boy. On the one he is in the middle of our Christmas tree! About 1 hour after we put it up we heard all this noise and there he was about half way up the tree. He got down all by himself and then continued to climb the tree each day. He loves to look out the window, especially when it snows. Your southern kitty has adapted to Minnesota very well. He also loves to watch television! Hope all if well with you.
Jane Obert

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