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2004 Testimonies

February, 2004
Dear Kathy,
I can't begin to tell you how much of a joy this little fellow is! He is truly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the cutest, sweetest, most beautiful boy in the world!

He travels everywhere with me. He'll let anyone pick him up. He makes himself at home anywhere. He's not afraid of anything, yet he's not aggressive in any way. He's very photogenic, friendly and personable.

He's had all his shots now, is a little over 5 months and weighs just over 4 pounds! He's gotten a lot more orange/butterscotch/apricot markings on his back and tail. I will neuter him between 7-8 months old; he's not very well-endowed at this time, so I want him to mature a bit.

His best friend is "Little G", a 15 lb. gray and white 2 year old kitty I adopted. They love on each other, play,etc. Maxwell can get anywhere and he just looks like a stuffed animal. I LOVE HIM!

I'm so glad I got him after Nikki died; it's not a replacement, but a reminder that the fold lives on! I shall never go without one from now on. They are the sweetest kitties in the world, and everyone that comes into contact with Max just can't get over how magnificent he is, so it's not just me being prejudiced. I'm so very happy with him; he makes me smile.

Hope all is well with all your litters and that you and your family are well too. I'd love to see any new photos in the future, and if you happen to have photo's of Max's mom and dad I'd love to see them. What do they cross with a fold to get the long hair?
Tracy Alden, DVM


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