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2008 Testimonies

November, 2008
Hi Kathy - Just a quick note - Dolly is settling in well at our house. You and your family did a wonderful job socializing her.  She seems so laid back most of the time. We're enjoying watching her play too.  Our other kitty is getting used to her and I'm sure they'll soon be "girlfriends."  Here's a snap shot - she seems to have taken over the house!  Thanks again! We really love her!

"Spoiled" is an understatement! If you only knew! And we are thankful for her! She's a most welcome member of the family to our home!



October, 2008
Kathy we have owned 3 Hemi's in our lifetime and I thought they were the best cats around. I met a lady in Scotland that said we needed a Fold. I cannot tell you enough about what a great cat Gibbs is. As a dog breeder my puppies leave my house like your kittens leave yours. You are a super breeder and you do all your ads say you do with your kittens. I would recommend you to any one asking for a Fold.

A great breeder always shines through in what they produce and you produce the best. We will be too old someday for dogs but we will always have one of your Folds. Thank you for trusting us with one of your kittens. He is so sweet he follows us around like a puppy and when we sit he is on our lap. That makes us very happy.
Pat McDonald


September, 2008
Just wanted you to know that Guinevere is doing great- and is the most adorable creature we have ever seen! She rode in Victoria's lap for more than an hour on the way home. We couldn't be more delighted with her. Many friends have stopped by to see the new baby- and all are amazed at how beautifully marked and silky she is. A friend told me she had read somewhere that Turkish Van cats were one of the only breeds that actually enjoyed water and bathing. I don't know if kitty actually has Van in her bloodlines (she looks like one despite the ears), but she seems to be frequently damp, like she has been perhaps playing in her water bowl when we are not looking. (at least she isn't playing in the litter like our other cat!)

Thank you so much for meeting us, and for making Victoria's dream come true. I will send a couple of digital photos once I get the chance to take them.

Morgan Williams


August, 2008
     Nelson's 1st birthday was yesterday so we gave him mass quantities of Greenies and catnip as a 'birthday cake'.  He is so sweet and very clean - he doesn't let a single piece of kibble get on the floor when he eats but cleans them up as he goes.  He sleeps with me at night and is very playful and friendly, even with our other cat, Smudge, who is not as outgoing as he is. 
     And he's smart, too - he had to have his paws washed one day after he's been in the litter box and actually went and sat in front of the air conditioning vent and held his paws up to the vent until they dried! 
     I will send you pictures by regular mail soon.  We have some really good pictures of him in action.
     Thank you again for bringing Nelson into our lives.  We don't know how we got along without him. 
     Robyn Coffey


August, 2008
     Today is Willow’s first birthday and I thought you might enjoy knowing how she is doing.  Ken and I just adore her and Dakota (more about her on her birthday). 

Willow is very loving.  She especially loves sitting on Ken’s lap.  She enjoys sitting in cardboard boxes and on any of Ken’s stuff.  I think she just likes his scent.  She likes to sit on the bathroom counter while I shower.  She will to sit on newspapers while I read them.  She is great at being able to determine what article I am reading at the time and sit right on it.  She loves cat treats and asparagus (go figure).  

Willow also gets along very well with the dog.  She likes to sleep close to her.  They have gone nose-to-nose with each other often.  Her favorite activity (besides sleeping and eating) is to sit on the windowsill and watch birds at the bird feeder.  You were right about her size.  She is on the small side, but we think she is perfect just the way she is.  She has the cutest little pink nose and such a fluffy tail.  When she meows, she mostly chortles, at least that’s what I call it.  It’s almost like a small gurgling sound.  But, at night when she’s alone and wants to find us and Dakota, she will let out the loudest and longest meow.  It’s really funny.
     We are so happy we got her.  I’m glad we found your cattery so that we were able to get her and Dakota, too.  Enjoy the pictures.
     Olivia Reis


August, 2008
Hi Kathy,
     Sorry that I haven't written since I received Suzie (the kitten). This summer has been super busy, I've hardly had time to check my e-mail! Suzie is doing great! She has gotten so big, she was 1.5 lbs. when I got her and she is now 4.5 lbs. She is finally starting to break out of her shell. She was so quiet for over a month. But now she explores all over, jumps up on her tree, and loves running around. She has a favorite fuzzy toy that she carries around like a baby and meows when she drops it. And her obsession is sitting on top of my shoes and trying to pick them up.
     I love her so much and can't wait to come home at the end of the day and see her. She sleeps on her back with all her legs up in the air with me at night, and loves chasing her tail around on the bed. She has just discovered that she can jump inside the bath tub and likes running around in the puddles of water after I shower. She is becoming so beautiful, she is keeping her tabby coloring and has light chocolate brown eyes.
     Attached are a few pictures of her. Hope everything is going great with you and all your kitties!
     Ingrid and Suzie


August, 2008
Hi Kathy,
     I picked up my kitten from you last December.  You may remember that on the way, I got stuck in Kansas during that bad ice storm!  Duncan is 11 months old now, so I am sending a few pictures to show you what a beautiful kitty he has grown into.
     Duncan is best of friends with my other cat Olivia (she is peeking out behind Duncan in one of the pics). They race from one end of the house to the other playing.  He gets along well with my poodle as well, although he prefers to watch from a safe perch when the dog gets too rowdy.
     Thanks for providing such a wonderful and affectionate cat.  I have enjoyed looking at the pictures of all your new kittens, makes me wish I had room for one more!
     Patty Bragan
     Longmont, Colorado


July, 2008
Hi Kathy,

I received your envelope today and I thought hey, I should write.  The kittens are wonderful and getting big fast, I've named them Mira and Baxter.  I was beyond impressed that they were never scared and always want to be around people.  They wait by the front door until I get home!  Each of their personalities is wonderful and they play and roll around together and always make me laugh.  I love that they never hide and they play with my dog and other cat just like they have been around the house this whole time. 
     Mira loves to curl up with my Australian Shepherd while Baxter plays and carries around his toy mouse.  The pictures I attached are pretty funny.  Baxter is either playing with Mira in the laundry basket or laying on his back to get his belly scratched, he literally throws himself on the ground when there are people around.  Mira is more reserved, she wants to be held and brushed, but if there is food around she is so loud!  She cries and dances for her plate of wet food, it's pretty cute!  Thank you so much for bringing these kittens into my life, they are fun and energetic!
Samara Clay
Littleton, CO


July, 2008
     The babies are doing very well here. Both of them love to be hold, pet and brushed, they purr a lot. They are so sweet, specially Batman! He was very
shy in first couple of days and then became very sweet to people afterward. I could not believe that I did not pick him at the first place. He more like a human baby to me. Mask eats a lot, double eating can food than Batman and grow up faster too. His bone structure is more like a big cat now. Batman is little bit smaller than his brother. Each of them is about 2 lb at 14 weeks, 3 lb at 16 weeks. They will got another shot in this incoming weekend. The only problem to me is that they grow up too soon. I prefer they stay as babies much longer.
     Attached some pictures for you, when they were about 14 weeks age. Thanks again to pass such joys to us. Our whole family loves them very much. >
     Michael's family


June, 2008
     Hi Kathy,
Seamus (the kitten) is doing great.  He's having fun exploring and playing with all his new toys.  Attached are a couple of pictures of him settling in.  Please let me know what vaccinations he's had so we can have a productive vet visit tomorrow.


April, 2008
     Hi Kathy, just looked at your site and see you have lots of new babies. What does a blue tabby look like? 
     This is a photo of Honey!  Can you tell me if this is characteristic of folds.  He sits like this all the time. Never sits up like normal cats. Its as if he has no bones in his body. It's the craziest thing. He gets the hiccups and look just like an old drunk, especially when he's about to fall asleep sitting like this. Let me know about the blue tabby.

January 2008
Hi Kathy,
     Here our a couple of new photos of Leo. He is such a great Kitty - he is so handsome and so sweet and smart - he is Mr. Personality Plus.
     The other cat is my Ragamuffin Koko Puff. He is sweet also but not a clown like his brother Leo. Leo loves Koko Puff now. Koko Puff really saved Leo who was so sad after loosing Laser. They take care of each other, groom each other and play all of the time. Leo weighs about 12 lbs now and I think he will really enjoy having another Scottish Fold to play with as Koko Puff is not as rowdy as Leo and likes to lay around and observe his surroundings after playing awhile. After all if Koko Puff is going to grow until he is 4 years old (that's what Ragamuffin breeders say anyway) he needs his energy for growing :).
     Hope all is well with you and that you are busy orchestrating the birth of more beautiful Katareece kitties. I am looking forward to purchasing a 3rd kitty as you know so please let me know when you know who is pregnant and when the kitties are born.
     Have a great evening,
Pat Hall, Leo and Koko Puff

January 2008
     Good talking to you today. I hope you enjoy these photos.
     The kittens are beautiful! These pictures were taken during the last week or two.
     Barbara Loudermilk

January, 2008
     He is doing great! Growing so fast and we all love him very much, I named him Henry.
     I have enclosed my favorite picture of him so far.


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