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2007 Testimonies

December, 2007
Hi Kathy:
     How are you? Ready for Christmas yet? : ) Kenny and I just finished the shopping. Pixie is doing fine here. This pix just took this morning. She loves to play and follow us room to room!!!
     Anyway, just FYI ~ we have not receive Pixie's health paper yet. Have a wonderful X'mas!!!!
Elna, Kenny & Pixie : )

December, 2007
Hi Kathy,
     Holiday greetings to you and your family. We had hoped to see you at the cat show in Temple over the weekend and were sorry you weren't there.
     As you can see Expo has grown into a very big beautiful boy!! (14 pounds) He has a spunky and lovable disposition but will let you know when he wants his way. We love him to death and he has brought us so much pleasure.
     The very best to you in the New Year.
Polly and Carl

December, 2007
     It's been a long time since I've written. Maddie is doing great! I've sent some pictures of her so you can see how much she's grown. She's such a little angel. She loves kisses, lying in the sun, and sleeping in her kitty bed. We're so thank-full we found her.
     Happy Holidays,
Pete and Erica

December, 2007
Just an update on Nelson .
     He is growing like a weed! He is extremely playful and loving, and eats very well. He is on dry Science Diet plus one can a day of wet Science Diet which he seems to be enjoying thoroughly. We have had no accidents as far as the potty goes - actually, as soon as I clean out his box each morning he goes and lies down in the box. LOL He has a good loud cry and wakes me up each morning at 5:00 to let me know he is ready for his breakfast.
     We still have him quarantined until he gets a little bigger so he can't squeeze behind the refrigerator or anything dangerous like that.
     Thank you so much for bringing Nelson into our lives. We don't know how we got along without him now that he's with us.

December, 2007
Hi Kathy,
     Just wanted to update you on the kittens. Dakota is doing much better. Her eye is dilating a lot more now. The whitish film from the scratch is almost gone. She is also less skittish around us. We had a Christmas party last night and she even allowed a few people to pet her. She is eating well and weighed in at two and a half pounds during her check-up this week. She is no longer on medication and the vet feels the eye has healed as much as it’s going to, but she does not seem bothered by it at all. She wrestles with Willow every day and I worry a bit about her eye, but what can you do? That’s how they play.
     Willow is a total ham. She can be very loving, demanding attention, or she can be stand-offish and run away from us. I think she does this because she wants to roam around and not have to stay still. You were right about her and computers. She loves to sit on Ken’s keyboard and keep him from working. She weighed two pounds during her check-up.
     They both sleep with us on the weekends. During the week, we won’t let them do so because they want to play during the night. But, they did sleep longer this weekend than last. They are getting along just fine with our other cat and our dog. If the dog surprises her, Willow will hiss and growl at her. We think it’s so hilarious that she growls at a fifty-pound dog. Samantha just looks at her and continues on her way. They have both gone nose to nose with Samantha, so I think they are realizing that she is not going to hurt them.
     I’ve included a few pictures. As you can see, they have made themselves quite at home here. We are very happy with both of them. You can also see how helpful Willow is. She helped me make our Christmas wreath this year. She helped by taking things out of the bag for me. Dakota supervised.
     Thanks for everything, Kathy.

Olivia Reis

December, 2007
     This is Honey, taken a week or so ago. He is the greatest and much prettier in person. He is so different from other cats I have had. I look at your site every morning to see if you've posted anything new. Have a wonderful Christmas & thanks again.

November, 2007
     We got our lovely boy from you about three years ago now, and I thought you might like to see how he grew up. I was taking some pictures of him and his adopted brother, Merlin the Magnificat (from Ouachita Brits) to send to Suzanne, and thought you might like to see them, too.
     When my husband and I came down there, you were at work, but your lovely daughter – ably assisted by her brothers and grandmother – showed us your kittens. Although we’d come with the intention of getting one of my beloved British Blues, we fell in love with the one your son called “the wild orange one!” The other kittens, black and blue, were cute, but this one cuddled in and started purring….SOLD! Anyway, he’s now a beautiful cream tabby neuter, and we adore him.
     Thanks again,
Suzanne Rust
Fayetteville, Arkansas

October, 2007
Kathy, Here are the photos I promised. One (the head shot) is of when he arrived and you can see how small he is. He has grown quiet a bit but is still small for almost 6 months. The one of the us is my sisters birthday present. We sent it to her work computer so it would be the first thing she saw. She loved it.
     I could never thank you enough for this exquisite creature. He has brought lots of laughter to our home. He has healed my broken heart from losing my old tabby this summer. My old Himalayan tolerates him. He is confused by her . He bites her and only gets mouths full of hair. He has some interesting likes. I drink lots of ice water and for some reason he likes ice water also. I have to watch my water when I sit it down. I put ice cubes in his water bowl. He also snores. I have never had a cat that snores. He can actually wake you up snoring. I love it. He started out sleeping under my chin, draped across my neck. Needless to say he is to big for that now but he still tries. Its real interesting to try to sleep with a snoring cat under your chin. He likes to watch TV, he sometimes tries to get the people out of the set.
     I love him so much. I pick him up every time I pass him. I cant keep my hands off him. Everyone that sees him loves him. I have never had a cat so social at such a young age. I am looking forward to Xmas. It's been a long time since I have had a kitten in the top of my tree. I will be sure to send photos.
     Thank you so much for this little light of my life. Rexanna & Honey

September, 2007
Hi Kathy,
     Jett and Patches are doing great. They have a ball together. Jett has really filled out the past two weeks. He has really matured and lost his kitten fuzz. His coat is beautiful and soft. He’ll jump on my lap and lay with me while we watch TV, but he doesn’t like to be picked up and walked around. He gets a little antsy to get down. Other wise he is very sweet, personable and likes to chirp when he runs around, which is cute.
     Now, Patches she is another story. She is VERY alert and active. She bounces around here like a little monkey, and flies through the air. Has to be where the action is all the time and very intelligent and FEARLESS. Nothing phases her. Not what we were expecting considering her history, but we love her to death. She gets quite a reaction from everyone. Patches has turned out to be our greeter when we come home. She also sleeps with us about 80% of the time. She’ll nestle up to Jill most of the night, which is good company for her when I’m not home. And boy does she PURR. She’ll come up and lay on your pillow in the middle of the night and start purring, which will wake you up. But you gotta love her.
     We have been VERY happy with these two kitties Kathy. Thank you so much. You don’t have to worry about them, they have a good home……..
     We really like all of your new kittens, it would be a tough choice if you had to pick just one!!!!!!
     Hope all is well with you and your family,
Walt, Jill and the Kitties

September, 2007
Hi Kathy,
     I wanted to write and thank you for these two wonderful fur-babies. Leo and Laser are both a delight and provide an array of endless entertainment.
     They are also very loving and gentle cats. I couldn't be happier with these two little guys. I am not very good at taking their pictures because by the time I click they are somewhere else -- but I tried and I am sure I will get better. I will send you pictures of Leo and the dog as soon as I get them.
Thanks so much for everything!
     Pat Hall


August, 2007
Kathy -
Thought you would like to see some recent pictures of Rob Roy. Robbie is such a little whirling dervish. It is so fun to watch him. It took several weeks, but according to his big sisters he is now part of the family and they get along well. He likes to think that he rules over Maddie, but gets into a submissive position when they play. We're now working on getting Robbie used to my mom's dog that comes to visit. Unfortunately little Robbie sees "giant dog" and runs to hide. TW is the sweetest dog and is so gentle, but he is 40 lbs. and has a deep bark that just scares Robbie.
     It has been determined that he is destined to stay a small cat. The vet thinks that the biggest he'll get is 8 lbs. I'm not so sure Robbie will even get that big. At his final kitten visit to the vet two weeks ago, he was sturdy and healthy, but still weighed less than 3 lbs.

August, 2007
We’ve named #0202 Mimi! We love her! Can’t imagine not having her (and we have lived together less than a week!). She is a real part of our family.           It’s great to watch her do all those crazy kitten things! She has adapted well to her new family and is very affectionate. Mimi follows us from room to room.  In fact she is helping me type this e-mail!
      We’ll stay in touch.
Kathy and Ray

July, 2007
     Madison is doing great! She loves kisses, sleeping on the bed, playing with Mercedes, watching the rain, and most of all us! She is so wonderful and we are so happy we found her. Thank-you for making great babies!
Erica and Pete

July, 2007
Hi Kathy,
     We are just checking in to see how our new little girl is doing!! Jett has been so fun to have around. Walter has an inflamed Achilles tendon and has missed the past 2 weeks of work. I’m so jealous because he has had quality time to bond with the little guy. He is just as cute as he can be!! He gets along well with the adults. Our Siamese (Simon) who was the youngest until we got Jett has been playing with him a lot. They are so cute to watch. I can’t wait until we bring Patches home. We have not had 2 young kittens together since Walter and I first met and adopted a brother and sister from the Humane Society. That was 17 years ago!! So we are looking forward to it.
     Are you planning another trip to Little Rock soon? Or will we need to come to you house to get her? Will she be ready to go this week-end with her eye situation? We also wanted to know if you use a special shampoo when you bathe the kittens.
     Well just keep us posted on the pick-up. If you need to call us, Walter is home all this week.
     Thanks Kathy. We look forward to seeing you again and getting Patches.


July, 2007
Dear Kathy,
     I took Fearghas (the Gaelic spelling of Fergus, which means "supreme choice") and Daisy to the vet today. He said he rarely sees kittens so well cared for. He was quite impressed with both of the wee ones and with the packet you sent with them. Daisy's eyes are much less teary now--almost cleared up, in fact. Thank you so much for your all of your caring and attention.
     They are absolute angels! They have adjusted well to life up here (even though they think we have peculiar accents). I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am.
     If I said thank you a million times, it still wouldn't be enough!
     My best to you always,


July, 2007
Hi Kathy,
 I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my kitten (I've named her Katamari). I really couldn't have asked for better! I expected her to be upset and scared after her ordeal with the airlines, and even though she meowed all the way home, as soon as I let her out of her carrier she made herself right at home and was frolicking and playing in no time. She found her litter box right away and dug right into her food.
     Since we were having guests over that night for the 4th of July, I shut her into my home office so she wouldn't be accidentally stepped on or let out, but she kept peeking out the glass on the door, so people kept going to see her. She was so sociable and didn't shy away at all when people petted her or held her. Even the people who aren't "cat people" were totally charmed.
     After all the excitement of the first day, she spent most of the second day sleeping. She'd curl up in my lap or on my desk and every now and then wake up long enough to play for a little while, then go right back to snoozing. She's so sweet and has such an outgoing personality and I'm SO impressed by how fast she adapted to her new home!
     I've attached a picture of her checking out the neighborhood through the window and another of her looking very happy to be here.
     I must thank you again for providing such a wonderful kitten!
Alia Madden

April, 2007
I’ve been meaning to write and  send you pictures of the two kittens I purchased from you last November, and to  tell you how thrilled I am with both of them. As you can see, the classic  blue tabby (Liam) has developed into an absolute show-stopper, with huge  golden-green eyes and show-quality features--to say nothing a very sweet,  gentle, laid back personality. At 7 months old, he still loves to be held and  never misses an opportunity to curl up in my lap. The little black and white boy  (Kaeleigh) has a much more lively personality, even though he’s every bit as sweet and cuddly. Having been  raised together in your nursery, I’m delighted to tell you they are still the  best of friends. They provide me with no end of joy and entertainment as they  romp around the house, play-fighting one minute and sweetly grooming one another  the next. I’m so blessed to  have found such a reputable breeder who takes such good care to make  sure your kittens are the healthiest, most beautiful, most well-adjusted kittens  that can be found anywhere. Thanks so much for these two little treasures. I  love them to pieces! (By the way, we recently moved all the way from Central  Oregon to North Carolina, so we’re practically neighbors.)
     My best to you and your  family--both 2-legged and 4-legged.

Michael-Clare Walker
Asheville, NC

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